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Woodchem Limited


Woodchem Limited Specializes in the harvesting ,Treatment & supply of fencing /utility gum poles throughout the country.

Fencing Poles

They're mainly between Length 7ft to 10ft & Top pole thickness (3-4) to (6-7)inches. The most commonly used for standard fences is 8ft long & (4-5inches top pole thickness).

However,the other sizes sell too for the same purpose.Preferences are diverse depending with client.

Utility Poles

Utility poles vary from 2ft to 40ft long & diameters (2-3) upto (11-12inch) dependant with a clients need.

Under this category are poles used to make all manner of constructions from; power lines ,bridges,log cabins, car shades,animal pens ,army training ground barriers,wooden greenhouses e.t.c

Treatment Process

Woodchem poles are treated using CCA (Chromated Copper Arsenate)

1. Copper and Arsenic - to protect againts fungal decay and wood boring insects

2. Chromium - It acts as a lock, to fix the preservative to the cells structure in the wood. It locks the copper & arsenic in the wood

The CCA is impregnated into the poles using a vacuum & pressure cycle. This involves pressure cylinder


We predominantly harvest mature (7-10 years) eucalyptus grandis/saligna commonly known as gum.

We support the local market(farmers/suppliers) by buying our raw products from them through the help of our qualified wood analysts who help us ascertain the maturity and quality before purchase.

We also embrace farmers who would like to be our Suppliers by educating them on the basic and minimum requirements of our products.

We buy from farmers across the country

Gumtree Firewood Chops

After carefully grading poles of the highest standards.Cutoofs are obtain through the process. We resize them as 1ft to 3ft chips which we sell as firewood. The Firewood is best for warming your house,campsites,cooking e.t.c