Contact Us: +254 707 462 882

1. Which trees do you harvest for your products?

-We predominantly harvest mature(7-10year old) eucalyptus grandis/saligna. It bears the best characteristics for Cca treatment of fencing & utility poles.

2. Do you buy trees from farmers?

-Yes, we support the local market by buying our raw products from them through the help of our qualified wood analysts who help us ascertain the maturity and quality before purchase. We also embrace farmers who would like to be our Suppliers by educating them on the basic and minimum requirements of our products

3. Do you offer fencing services?

-Yes ,through our affiliate company-Cute fencing Ltd based in Nairobi. +254 726 504 337

4. Do you offer transport ?

-Yes we do offer transport ,subject to truck available. The client is expected to fuel truck & cater for road charges{I.e council fee}

5. Do you deliver to other towns besides the ones you have presence ?

-Yes we do upon purchase. Our truck arrangements apply as indicated above.

6. How long do orders take to process?

-Most orders take an average of two days. This is because we keep a huge volume of poles in our seasoning racks awaiting orders. That means,upon order placement-treatment is booked in next day & completed.

7. Can I have my poles drilled?

-Yes we drill pole for clients,as per there specification. However,that attracts an additional charge dependant on pole width.

8. Do you offer discounts?

-Yes we do,subject to poles details & volume.


9. Do I get a warranty after purchase?

-Yes they come with an average 20 years + or - warranty subject to exposed conditions. Our poles are quality guaranteed by the relevant government bodies{kebs}

10. Do you sell other related products?

No. -We have fully specialised on gum pole treatment & supply only.